Support Me

Help me fundraise by giving your recycling rubbish purpose! Due to my passion for environmental sustainability I have chosen to use the Containers for Change program to help fund weekly expenses related to my sporting goals such as physiotherapy and massage. Through this program I collect $0.10 per eligible drink container returned. Check out how your trash can help me below!

Donate Eligible Recyclables

Containers For Change - Eligible Recycling Items

How To Donate (QLD):

Containers for Exchange Logo - Recycling

1. Use my Scheme ID


Use this number when taking items to refund locations. Funds will get deposited in my account. Tag or msg me on social media so I can say thank you!

2. Get your Workplace/Business on board

I can assist in organising free regular pick ups by the Scouts (Yep! They benefit too!). Refunds from items collected get deposited in my account. Terms & Conditions apply. Contact me for more details.

How To Donate (NSW)

Return and earn NSW

Use Below Barcode

*Ensure you scan this BEFORE putting items in the refund machine

NSW barcode - Recycling

Businesses supporting my journey through recycling

Thank You!
  • The Jubilee Hotel
  • Banoi
  • Fat Dumpling
  • Netherworld
  • The Lamb Shop
  • El Camino
  • Super Combo
  • Emporium Barber
  • King Street Bakery
  • The George Bar & Bistro
  • Welcome to Bowen Hills
  • 25 King Street Offices
  • TSA Telco Group
  • SDF Electrical

    Where else do I get items?

    To further maximise my collections and positive impact on the environment I also pick up littered items whenever I am out. I always have a bag handy and a tub in the car to put items in.